new baby

A Child's First Year

Capturing Images of Your Child After The New Born Session

When a newborn first arrives into this world, there are a million new moments in their life that are milestones, not only in their progress, but in a parent’s as well, and these moments will no doubt want to be preserved by a professional photographer as much as possible.

There are many benefits for professionally capturing moments in a child’s life, and as discussed in 3 ways family photography can raise a child's self-esteem, professional photography gives children a sense of belonging, a sense of self, and shows they are loved and cared for.

Professional photographs within a child’s first year may vary in style, but often consist of the following:

Newborn Portraits - Although not a new occurrence, many popular styles of these types of photographs have emerged in the modern age of digital cameras, Photoshop, and social media. Such styles include portraits of the newborn in basic back, side, and tummy poses; photos of the tiny details such as their feet and hands; and photos with creative props such as wicker baskets and textured cloth.

Holiday Photos - These are a staple amongst parents with newborns, as what can be cuter than a baby surrounded by small Halloween pumpkins, them in an oversized Thanksgiving Turkey hat, or nestled in a Christmas stocking? These types of photos become excellent holiday gifts and are often used in cards sent to family and friends and also signify the inclusion of a new member into family traditions and celebrations.

1st Birthday -A child’s first year is a moment to celebrate indeed, as it’s a culmination of a parent’s hard work, determination, and care for their child in a very important time in their life; and it signifies the beginning of a string of milestones the child will pass and celebrate themselves each coming year. Photographs taken during a child’s 1st birthday capture images such as the child’s messy eating of the cake, opening of presents, and popular these days, their holding or standing next to a number or announcement of their age.

A professional photographer can ensure that as a parent, you can be a part of your child’s extraordinary beginning in life, every step of the way, and not have to worry about the details of recording and archiving the wonderment of your child’s first steps in life. As a parent you can include yourself with your child in front of the camera and capture the genuine essence of your family and the joy brought forth with the new edition to the world.