london bridal session


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The Bridal Session

In a majority of women’s lives, their wedding day, and the details that surround it, are regarded with the upmost anticipation and standard for class, beauty, and spirit; and no other detail embodies these attributes more than the bride exclusively in her wedding dress standing apart from the rest.

A bridal session, focused on capturing the bride in her solitary beauty, is a fantastic way to embody her uniqueness in portrait, and add an exceptional experience to the wedding or time leading up to it. It is an interlude amongst all the planning and execution of the big day for her to immerse herself in the pleasure of her dress, and allow the photographer to capture that solitary uniqueness free of distraction from the groom, wedding party, or guests.

Bridal sessions may be done on the day of the wedding, before or after the ceremony, or a few weeks prior, in a stand-alone session with the photographer.

Sessions completed leading up to the ceremony, or in an interval after, often give the bride a time to bask in the approaching event, or reflect on the completion of such a great moment in her life. Genuine emotions are inevitably captured during sessions such as these and will radiate in the completed portraits.

Photos taken in the weeks before the wedding often wish to be utilized as décor for the wedding, and the timeframe leading up to the wedding gives the photographer ample time to ensure the photos are complete. These sessions also allow more flexibility with the types of photos a bride may wish for, especially if she has a flair for fashion, style, or adventure and wants to expand her photos to include unique poses, interesting backdrops, certain props, or distinct locales. 

Bridal sessions are a unique component to a wedding and can serve a variety of functions. Traditionally, they began as sessions scheduled prior to a wedding where a bride could be photographed in a more controlled and staged environment, but in modern times have expanded to fit the needs of the bride and the wedding plans. In any form, such a session is an advantageous component to any bride’s wedding day and should sincerely be considered as an addition to a wedding photography package. 

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