Posing can present a myriad of opportunities and challenges during a photo shoot, but with proper preparation and an initial consultation, you can capture the subject in their element beautifully.

Poses may include side views, aeriel views, lower angles from the ground, and partial angles depending on the light source and the desired effect. 

First and foremost it is ideal to be on the same page in managing the clients expectations during the execution of the photo shoot.  This may entail showing the client example images from other photo sessions and or asking the client what they have seen.  Reviewing the photographer's images or the clients examples from Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram can alleviate anxiety in the actual posing and expedite the communication process during the photography session.  

Second, an initial consultation about the posing and what's to be expected during the session, also helps the client prepare for the shoot. Clients begin to think about photo session preparation in terms of hygiene and also styling and clothing selection.  

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