Mommy and Me

A Mommy and Me photography session allows the mother to be captured in photos with their child or children. You may think this isn't difficult, especially with all of the technology out there, but what we find is it is exactly the opposite of what you may be thinking.  With parents working dual incomes, and even with stay at home mothers, cell phone images are replacing family portraiture.  Mothers are snapping images of their children throughout the day, and even posting the images on Facebook, but guess what?  Mom is not in the photo, and the images may or may not be saved or even archived.  As much as we like photo sharing websites nowadays, we all know the images are lost, not saved in the proper folder, or we cannot find them.  Mommy and Me photography sessions let the mother take the time to get in beautiful photos with their children for memories to come.  Read more about the importance of archiving photos

Ideally scheduled once a year, you may start as early as 6 months.  It is ideal to find a photographer you enjoy working with and continually schedule with them as the years go by.   This allows the child to get to know the photographer, and feel comfortable with the photographer, capturing the best images of you and your little ones for years to come.  Using the same photograpaher through the years, also allows you to be as diverse in venue and backdrops as little or as much as possible.  Many photographers can almost reproduce the same set up, for years to come, for fun prints, albums, and framed options - if you like. 

At studios, we strive for classic and simple images, with minimal props, as we believe props can often times take away from the simple and soft beauty of a mother and her children, and may ‘date’ the images when viewed years later.  With that being said, we encourage neutral clothing and colors, and of course recommend the printing of the images, for sharing or display.  CLICK HERE to read more about why prints matter and kindly fill out the schedule form to schedule a Mommy and Me photo session.