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Why One Should Get Annual Photos Even If They’re Single

Annual photo sessions are traditionally associated with family portraits including married couples and children. They are a tradition dating back over 150 years to the onset of photography and have served purposes of recording family history, pride, and at times prominence, especially in its earliest forms when the process was time consuming and expensive.

As a single person people will probably tell you, unless required for professional purposes, an annual photo may seem unnecessary and downright silly. There tends to be a stigma surrounding an individual, especially a single one, having their portrait taken: a stigma similar to eating dinner by one’s self or screening a movie alone. As in these cases, such apprehension towards having one’s portrait taken on an annual basis is nonsense, and when overcome can provide a sense of freedom and confidence in one’s self and position in life, while serving as a valuable asset and keepsake.

If there is uncertainty in having annual portraits taken, consider these reasons why it is beneficial to do so despite uncertainty, embarrassment, or stigmas:

1.      Portraits taken annually can be used to keep professional and social media profiles fresh and updated. Unlike others who keep the same photo year upon year, be the individual who takes pride in their image and others will notice.

2.      Updated annual portraits can provide the individual, their family, and friends a record of life. Just because one is single doesn’t mean the progression of their lives is unworthy of capture in a portrait. Give yourself and others in the future a record of your strength and happiness in the life you lead.

3.      Annual photos for the individual can be used in much the same as others for holiday cards and messages. They are guaranteed to raise a smile and show your love towards your family, friends, and co-workers.

4.      Photos can be taken with a close friend or even a beloved pet. Such relationships are important in many people’s lives and are just as worthy of being documented.

5.      The photo session itself can be a fun, exciting, and empowering experience, inclusive of whatever you want it to be. Enjoy the time with the photographer whose focus and intent will be to make you feel and look good. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

Most people have taken part at some point in their lives in traditional family photos: those taken by a professional studio photographer, utilized to preserve memories and project a presence in life. As outlined above, such use of annual photos need not only be exclusive to individual’s belonging to a group or relationship, and they can have valuable significance and benefits even for the single person. So do a little research, maybe ask friends for a recommendation, and find that photographer you can enjoy working with to capture the best and present you. 


How to prepare for a photo shoot

1.       Pre plan outfits paying attention to color schemes.  Colors that compliment your complexion/s are best.  When deciding what to wear for the special day, you may want to concentrate on whites and creams, or consult Pinterest for an array of color schemes and ideas.  Please note accessories and shoes are just as important as the outfit.  It is also a good idea to choose colors that contrast with your hair color.  For set, styling, outfit, and accesory ideas, please visit our Pinterest page at:

2.       Professional Hair & Makeup is always strongly recommended:
Schedule a hair & makeup artist with your appointment ending 30-45 mins before you have to leave for the shoot.  (pad the timing between)  Also plan to keep powder and lip colors handy on the set.

3.       Enjoy a manicure and pedicure the night before.  Keep in mind your toe nails are just as important as your fingernails.

4.       Note:  Be sure to coordinate the timing of your shoot with your routine hair maintenance.  a.k.a.  If it’s time to touch up your roots, and you need to schedule your color treatment, make sure your shoot is scheduled after your highlights and color.

5.       If there are small kids involved, set expectations with the kids beforehand.  Let them know how important it is to look at the camera, and the photographer holding the camera. 

6.       Also, when children are involved, be sure to set expectations with the adults as well.  Make it very clear to all the adults how important it is to only have the photographer talk to the children.  It is too common that the parents stand to the side of the photographer, and think they are helping, and in the end the child/or children look away from the camera as there are too many people trying to get the children’s attention.

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