I'm Tammy A. Kannal, an international photographer specializing in portraits, fashion and commercial. 

I believe in living life to the fullest and have been known to travel internationally, speak a little French and German, and every now and then I can be found swinging from a trapeze.

What I have learned is fun and spontaneity are at the heart of my photography.  I live for capturing the unexpected moments that illustrate who we really are inside and out.  

I also have come to realize through the years, that I enjoy styling the photo session just as much as I like acquiring beautiful images of you and your loved ones.  In my eyes, a well styled shoot, classically captures the necessary personality, emotion, and details for generations to come. 

"Tak-ful" is a play on my initials (T.A.K.) highlighting my continual desire for perfection and professionalism.  Friends and family have teased me since I was young, so it only seemed appropriate when I began my studio work.   Tak-ful Photography:  possessing or exhibiting tact; considerate and discreet: a tak-ful person; a tak-ful remark; a tak-ful image.  Thanks for visiting.  Drop me a line.  Let's get started!